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World Association Improving Lives

Light into our own futures

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Hi! This is the LiveJournal for an association called World Association Improving Lives. Please join! =)

World Association Improving Lives, or WAIL, as it is commonly abbreviated, is an association that was created by Dasha N in the August of 2004. The aim of WAIL is to improve different aspects of life on Earth in as many ways as possible. A large variety of issues is battled. Just a few of these include human rights, the fight for peace, protection of the environment, animal rights, and many others, some of which will be added on as time goes by. Any help is appreciated and everyone interested in helping people is encouraged to join.

You can learn a lot more about WAIL by visiting the WAIL website, which can be found at:


Also, you can IM the President of WAIL at ju5t LOO53 it.

Thank you!