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The Race Against Man's Savage Instincts

By now, I'm sure you're all already aware of the explosions that occurred in London this morning. The effects of this brutality were devastating: 40 people were killed and hundreds were injured. What makes this tragedy even more sickening is that it was targeted at innocent civillians who had nothing to do with the rage of the attackers. The results of this attack were devastating:
"I saw lots of people coming out covered in blood and soot. Black smoke was coming from the station. I saw several people laid out on sheets," office worker
Kibir Chibber, 24, said at the Aldgate subway station.

Simon Corvett, 26, on an eastbound train from Edgware Road station, described "this massive huge bang ... It was absolutely deafening and all the windows

"You could see the carriage opposite was completely gutted," he said. "There were some people in real trouble."

We can't allow brutal acts like these to continue. The slaughter of mankind by his own is not something that should exist in a society as advanced as the one in which we live. To turn a blind eye to brutality at ANY level is to permit it. "The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing." -- Albert Einstein

We must do something about the problem.

In today's world of war, terrorism and weapons of mass destruction there will never be enough laws, police or military force to ensure peace and security.

It is now imperative that we work quickly and effectively to create a higher standard of values, decency and trust amongst all mankind.

So as you can see, we are now in a vital race between becoming better people and destroying ourselves. Who will win, love or brutality?

But there is hope. Something can be done about it. Read The Race Against Man's Savage Instincts. How do you think we, as a community wishing to improve lives, can reach out to the victims of this horrible travesty and those who were affected by it in some way?
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