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The Way to Happiness


As you all know, the world today is plagued by a variety of problems. Drug abuse is destroying lives everywhere. Seventy percent of the world or higher lives on less than a dollar per day. Violence, greed, abuse, poverty, homelessness, destruction of the planet...these are all problems that we have to solve in order for our race to continue.

Well, the good news is that there is an answer. There is a book that is changing conditions in life. Simply by passing it out and getting others to read it, you can create change that spreads out one person at a time. By getting people to follow the 21 simple precepts in this book, you can help people to live happier lives and build a better world.


  1. First, read the book online. Make sure you understand each precept and what it means. (If you are blind and having trouble reading the PDF document, I have a text version available. I am also working on translating it into Grade II Braille to read with an electronic Braille device or emboss with a Braille embosser.)

  2. Start working on the precepts. Take one precept per day, or per week, and focus on living your life by that precept. Do this until you have covered all 21 precepts.

  3. Get others to read the book. Send them the link to the book and have them read it, or order copies and pass them out.

  4. Help others to understand the precepts and use them in their lives.

  5. Take on projects to help spread this book and its precepts.

There are several ways you can do this. If you are still in gradeschool, you can participate in activities for kids listed on the website such as the essay contest. You can also order personalized editions of the book to distribute to others. The ways you can build a better world are endless!

This is just one of many ways you can improve the world around you. In the future, I will post other opportunities for changing lives and creating a better planet.

Now go out there, and make the world better!
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