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Teaching Peace in the Middle East

The Way to Happiness® eNews: August 16, 2005

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Middle East Peace Campaign:

Teaching the Children to Live in Peace

This newsletter is presented by our Middle East affiliate, the Association for Prosperity & Security in the Middle East.  We are teaching the children of the Middle East how to live in peace. Read what the children are saying if you want your hopes and spirit lifted! -- The Way to Happiness Foundation International

Let the Children Speak!

Association for Prosperity & Security in the Middle East

by Danny Vidislavski, General Director

A few weeks ago Ofer Plaut, our Senior The Way to Happiness Lecturer, held a session for elementary school aged children.  This time Ofer decided not to submit a report on what he said nor what he did but rather give us a special glance at how the children reacted to the lecture - their insights, views and feelings they described through their letters to Ofer. 

These are a few of the answers to Ofer’s question of “What did you learn today?”

Children's Answers: What Did You Learn Today?

  • Today I learned that when someone hits you, you shouldn’t hit them back, but use your mouth to talk and not to hit or curse.

  • I learned one thing:  hitting can lead to death.

  • I learned that we need to live in Happiness and not in violence.  If we live in violence our lives will be bad, bitter and damned.

  • I learned about violence and Happiness. We need to control the anger in our heart and not to lose control.

  • I learned what Happiness is and what violence is. It’s important to know how not to get angry so quickly, but to first chill out and talk.

  • I learned about Happiness and violence ...  Violence brings down the Happiness – then there’s no Happiness.

  • If we restrain or control ourselves and be responsible-for-our-actions we will have a better world.

  • I learned that restraint/control determines if we live on the positive or negative side of life.

  • How to achieve more love and friends.

  • I learned to give, to treat those around me with respect and if I give from myself then I will receive from others.

  • I learned today that we need to fulfill our obligations and once you do you can achieve anything you want.

  • I learned to listen to my friends. Also it’s not good to curse and not advisable to hit or hurt because if you do you’ll get more (cursing and hitting) back.

  • I learned today that I need to fulfill my obligations and I learned what restraint is.

Until now, over 30,000 children from all over the country have participated in our lectures, sessions and workshops all based on The Way to Happiness book.  

The above feedback is only a small sample of the children’s achievement in understanding the importance of values from The Way to Happiness – a logical guide to a better life. 

So we’ll all remember that children are Happier with a lot less violence!

Would you like your children to learn The Way to Happiness?

Many surprises to come soon……… 

Danny Vidislavski

General Director

Association for Prosperity & Security in the Middle East

Implementing “The Way to Happiness”


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